PJ Royal obtained degrees in history and archaeology from Auckland University, New Zealand. Her deep and abiding interest in the past provides her now with a literary imperative to depict it with as much verisimilitude as possible. PJ spends six months to a year engaged in extensive research regarding all aspects of the cultural, political and economic environment in which her narrative is set. In her soon-to-be-released novel 'Killing the Bee King' the smallest details, from fashion to food, from architecture to historical personages, from seasonal plants to geographical locations, all are derived from the historical record, or contemporary investigations. "My primary imperative, above all, is to imbue the story with as much authentic historical detail as possible, while maintaining a suspenseful and exciting character-driven plot that would appeal to readers of suspense thrillers and political history, as well as those of historical fiction. I want to make historical fiction more accessible by appealing to a wider demographic of readers," PJ states. While 'Killing the Bee King' will be released in July of 2014, PJ is currently working on her next novel set in South-east Asia during the late eighteenth century; this storyline revolves around the European battle for supremacy of the spice trade, and is of particular interest to PJ given her extended residence in Malaysia and Singapore during her younger years.