Humble Musings of a Literary Kind

PJ Royal maintains an online blog in which she compiles musings that combine her thoughts as a writer, her perspective on literary works, and her interest in astronomy, science, and biology. These musings are unique essays of an inquiring mind, and are of particular interest to those who share PJ's passion for classic literary work, and to other writers struggling to find their words, grappling with self-doubt, and traversing the arduous road to publication. These essays are a delightful blend of deeply-felt prose and intriguing analogies, where the fine art of writing is examined with an unfailingly graceful optimism that is uplifting to all who read them.

Current Musing:Within and Without: Raskholnikov, Maritime Medicine and the Intensity of Character

August 2014 :The Bravery of the Witer and the Dilemma of the Delicate Dermis




PJ Royal's Humble Musings of a Literary Kind will be published in their entirety in 2015 by Regal House Publishing